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Home School Agreement

The home school agreement is signed by all students and parents/carers in the induction meeting held before they join the school.  It is imperative that all parties are aware of the expectations here at the Links so that we can assure a successful learning  environment.


Students will School will Parents / Carers will
  • Work hard
  • Aim to achieve my targets
  • Deliver a broad & balanced curriculum
  • Set ambitious targets for pupils
  • Attend consultation & discussion meetings at the school regarding my child’s work, progress & behaviour
  • Cooperate with members of staff
  • Be respectful of the feeling of staff & students
  • Respect students of all origins & abilities & their families
  • Encourage respect towards staff & students
Attendance & Punctuality
  • Arrive at school & lessons on time
  • Aim for 100% attendance
  • Check attendance
  • Follow up issues with attendance & punctuality with parents & pupils
  • Ensure my child attends school regularly & punctually
  • Notify school when this is not possible
  • Wear my uniform correctly
  • Make uniform requirements clear
  • Ensure that my child leaves home each day appropriately dressed for school
Student Work
  • No graffiti
  • Complete all work to the best of my ability


  • Mark/assess work showing students how to improve
  • Show interest in my child’s work
  • Adhere to Students Code of Conduct & Behaviour Checklists
  • Be safe & responsible
  • Explain the Student Code of Conduct & Behaviour Checklists
  • Apply the consequences & rewards fairly
  • Support students to cooperate with Link’s Code of Conduct


  • Respect the school property
  • Put my possessions in a locker each day
  • Encourage respect of property & possessions
  • Encourage respect  for school property
Communication & Consultation
  • Tell my parents / carer / teacher if I encounter problems
  • Communicate & consult fully with parents / carers regarding their child. This will include regular reports, meetings & review days.
  • Let the school know of any concerns