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What will be studied

At Key Stage 3, students study a range of topics that lay a strong foundation for the GCSE.
Topics are also selected with the intention of enthusing and engaging learners, including
The British Empire, Colonisation, The Tudor Reign and life in Tudor England, World War 1
and World War 2.

Learning Methods

Basic history skills will be covered: source analysis and using evidence, factual recall,
chronology and effective PEE writing that feeds into justified opinion writing

Expectations of Students

Historians must enjoy writing and developing their opinions via their written responses.
Likewise, they must be willing to discuss their opinions and develop them wherever possible.
Extra work, outside of class, will allow for any responses to be based on facts and strong
knowledge of the topic being studied.

How is the course assessed

Termly assessments of topics in study at that point.

What websites are recommended

BBC History Bitesize

Career Paths/Next Steps

History is a great subject for any career. It demonstrates good communication skills,
academic ability and encourages learners to look at life from a range of viewpoints more effectively.
Career choices include law, teaching, journalism and politics, but these are just some of