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KS3 Subjects

Art & Design

Students will study a range of artists, art techniques, art movements and develop key art skills including the use of the formal elements of art. This will hopefully enable them to be well prepared if they choose to continue their studies in art for GCSE.


Links St Albans follows the English National Curriculum as a guide for all schemes of work. In
each year, there are 6 modules that are studied ranging from Shakespeare, modern novels
and poetry to plays, speeches and media.


At Key Stage 3, students study a range of topics that lay a strong foundation for the GCSE
topics of Crime and Punishment, Elizabeth I, Life in Nazi Germany and Cold War. We will look
at these topics in a more thematic and broader sense.


There is a broad curriculum of study in place to reflect the fact that the course has to be flexible to the needs of students across 3 years of study: Year 7 to Year 9. 


Entry Level Science Content:   There are 36 teaching items in total, 12 for each of biology, chemistry and physics. In all three sciences, students develop their understanding of how scientific principles and concepts help describe complex and diverse natural phenomena in terms of a small number of key ideas. They also develop relevant practical skills.