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Art & Design

What will be studied

At KS3, students will study a range of artists, art techniques, art movements and develop key art skills including the use of the formal elements of art. This will hopefully enable them to be well prepared if they choose to continue their studies in art for GCSE.

Projects studied at Links Academy at KS3 include:

  • Colour & Shape
  • Dreams (Surrealism)
  • Pop Art
  • Bugs
  • Indigenous Art
  • Day of the Dead
  • Fantasy Buildings
  • Portraiture
  • Native American Art
  • Natural Forms
  • Feelings & The Figure

Learning Methods

Lessons are differentiated to tailor to students’ abilities and needs. Lessons are a mixture of Research, designing and making.

Learning will take place through a variety of formats including: Discussion, experimentation, annotating, drawing, questioning videos, tutorials and observation.

Students will develop their skills in drawing, painting, printing and the use of a range of media, techniques and processes.

Expectations of Students

Students are expected to attend their allocated lessons and work to the best of their ability. They are encouraged to develop their skills through practice, experimentation and making mistakes. Skills in art can only be developed when mistakes are made, reviewed, modified and refined.

Students should take pride in their work and sketchbooks.

How is the course assessed

We will assess various elements of the students’ sketchbook over the half term project. Student work is marked on a weekly basis with teachers explaining what went well, what they can do to further develop and then a learning question to ensure student understanding.

Each lesson a progress comment and target are added to students progress trackers in their sketchbooks. This ensures the students know what their next steps are in order to further develop their work and to see if they are on track to meeting their target grades.

At the end of each project (half-termly) students are given a current working grade based on their work. This is graded assessed using 4 main areas of study:

  1. Generating ideas – Experimentation with art techniques and use of the formal elements within their work.
  2. Knowledge – Demonstrate knowledge about art processes and explain how artists have used the formal elements within their work. Discuss how these have been used to inform and develop your own ideas.
  3. Evaluating – Identifying, analysing and evaluating the use of different art styles, media and techniques used in art and the work of artists, designers and craftspeople. Identifying strengths and areas for development within your own work.
  4. Making – Producing a final piece in response to the project and artists/designers/craftspeople studied.

What websites are recommended

There are often interesting programmes on artists and art movements on many of the main TV channels such as BBC Four and the SkyArts 1 channel. Workshops, tutorials can also be found on YouTube and other online resources.

What equipment is needed

Students will be provided with all the equipment they will need for the course

Career Paths/Next Steps

KS3 Art and Design should give students the foundation to be able to transition to the GCSE Art and Design Course in years 10 and 11.

There are a variety of courses on offer to those students wishing to study an art based qualification at college, these include:

  • Art & Design
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Graphic Design