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What will be studied

Links Hatfield follows the English National Curriculum as a guide for all schemes of work.
In each year, there are 6 modules that are studied ranging from short stories and texts to
nonfiction, speeches and media. There are also opportunities to take part in class debates
and individual speeches.

Learning Methods

There are a multitude of bespoke approaches used depending on the students and their
preferred style(s) of learning. Media and film is used to support the study of texts. Students
are equipped with skills that they can build in and develop so they are equipped to deal with
more challenging tasks as the year progresses. Students work in groups and independently;
some lessons will be teacher led whilst others may be student led. The aim of the lessons is
to foster genuine enjoyment as well as enabling the student to become competent in basic
skills of reading, writing and speaking.

Expectations of Students

All students are expected to work to their potential; this is monitored through half termly
assessment. Students are expected to actively participate in lessons and are encouraged
through feedback to develop their resilience. It is also important that they understand that
they have as much responsibility for their learning as the teacher.

How is the course assessed

At the end of each unit there is an opportunity for the student to showcase their abilities
through an extended piece of writing. These are assessed against our mark schemes and
bespoke, detailed feedback is provided for each student. Areas of strength
and weakness can then be identified and targets can be set. These targets ensure that each
student can be supported independently to help them make positive steps forward.

What websites are recommended

Top 100 reads – Penguin books.
Key Stage 3 National Curriculum
Useful websites linked to each unit will be provided by the English teacher as required.

What equipment is needed

All material is provided by the English Department.

Career Paths/Next Steps

Once Key Stage 3 is completed, students will move on to GCSE English Language AQA board.