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Hair and beauty – VTCT

Exam Board: VTCT
Specification Number:  C02A1/C02C1/C02A2/C02C2

What will be studied

Hairdressing and beauty therapy has been and remains an extremely popular vocational area that many young people are enthused by and aspire too. The aim of this qualification is to use the hair and beauty sector as a vehicle to develop learners more broadly, so they are prepared and equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills to pursue a career in any context.

  • Unit UC06 Create an image based on a theme
  • Unit UBT2 Basic face painting
  • Unit UBT5 Basic nail art
  • Unit UBT12 Basic manicure
  • Unit UBT18 Basic photographic makeup
  • Unit UHB8 Shampoo and treat hair
  • Unit UHB10 Plaiting and twisting hair
  • Unit UC03 Working in the hair and beauty sector
  • Unit UC09 Follow health and safety practice in the salon
  • Unit UC018 Promote and sell products and services to clients

Learning Methods

Learners will complete the theory coursework portfolio for each unit.

Learners will complete Formative and Summative practical assessment for each unit.

Expectations of Students

VTCT Level 2 Award in hair and beauty skills. Minimum requirement 2 units:

Learners are required to complete the mandatory unit UC06 Create an image and one optional unit.

VTCT Level 2 Certificate in hair and beauty skills. Minimum requirement 5 units:

Learners are required to complete the mandatory unit UC06 Create an image and 4 optional units.

How is the course assessed

Your knowledge and understanding in these units will be collected in a portfolio of evidence.

Guidance for this will come from your assessor. Your assessor may also ask questions to confirm your knowledge and understanding.

Your assessor will also observe your practical performance. Your grade will be determined by achievement of assessment criteria and achievement of additional performance standards.

The VTCT Level 2 Award/Certificate in hair and beauty skills. You will be awarded a Pass, Merit or Distinction for each unit. A Pass is worth 1 point, a Merit 2 points and a  Distinction 3 points.

Extension qualifications C02A2 and C02C2 allow learners to progress to include additional units.

The hair and beauty teacher at Links Academy is a qualified Assessor for both hairdressing and beauty therapy and will assess all the learners for their theory portfolio evidence and the observation of your practical performance.

An EQA will quality assure the Centre annually to check the Assessor decisions and Centre quality assurance procedures.

What websites are recommended

What equipment is needed

  • Peers, Staff, family and friend models
  • Head blocks to practise hairdressing, face painting and makeup applications
  • Hand mannequin to practise basic manicure and basic nail art applications
  • Products, tools and equipment.
  • Level 2 text books for hairdressing and for beauty therapy

Career Paths/Next Steps

VTCT level 2 Diploma in hair and beauty skills (VRQ)

VTCT Level 2 NVQ Diploma in hairdressing, barbering or Beauty therapy. Further Education college.

Level 2 Apprenticeship in: Beauty therapy – General. Makeup. Nail services.

VTCT Level 3 NVQ or apprenticeships