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Fearless is a site where you can access non-judgemental information and advice about crime and criminality.

Lives not KnivesLives not Knives

Lives Not Knives (LNK) are dedicated to preventing youth violence in London and aim to do so through offering tailored mentorship and advice to the young people aged 9-21 in our community who most need our support.

020 8681 8244


Beacon is Hertfordshire’s Victim Care Centre and is staffed by professionals from both Hertfordshire Constabulary and Catch 22, an independent organisation commissioned to support victims of crime in Hertfordshire.

0300 0115 555

Victim SupportVictim Support

Victim Support is an independent charity dedicated to supporting victims of crime and traumatic incidents in England and Wales.

08 08 16 89 111

The Ben Kinsella Trust

The Ben Kinsella Trust is an anti knife crime charity, educating young people away from youth violence and campaign to stop knife crime.



FrankFind out everything you need to know about drugs, their effects and the law. Talk to Frank for facts, support and advice on drugs and alcohol today.

0300 1236600

Change Grow LiveChange Grow Live

We are a health and social care charity. We help people achieve their goals and be the best that they can be.

NHSNHS – getting help with drug addiction

If you have a problem with drugs, there’s a wide range of services that can help.

Young Minds

Young MindsA guide for parents

If you are worried about your child’s use of drugs or alcohol, help is available. Read our information and advice to find out more.

A guide for young people

There are many reasons why someone might drink alcohol or take drugs. Read this guide for the facts on drugs and alcohol, how they can affect your mental health, and advice on what to do if you need support.


Drug & alcohol use can threaten and ultimately destroy family relationships and wellbeing.

We empower family members and carers, support frontline workers and influence decision-makers to stop this happening.