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Behaviour & Rewards

Behaviour for Learning (B4L) emphasises the crucial link between the way in which students learn and their social knowledge and behaviour. In doing this the focus is upon establishing positive relationships across three elements of self, others and curriculum. B4L has implications for students, teachers, parents and other professionals. Its principles can be applied to all children at any age and not just those perceived as being “difficult to manage”. It applies as much to teachers and their relationship with students as much as it applies to the students themselves.

Here at Links Academy we endeavour to create a purposeful and relevant learning environment to all students taking into account individual needs and aspirations along with recognising barriers to learning and other difficulties that may inhibit a student’s ability to access the curriculum.

We have extremely high expectations of each and every student and insist that a calm atmosphere is maintained for the benefit of the whole school community. We aim to provide a safe, therapeutic and welcoming environment where students, with support from specialist staff, can address their personal issues and thrive.

Behaviour is monitored very closely by all staff, both in and outside of the classroom. We use a paper and electronic tracking system (Green Cards) and Arbor to record both positive and negative behaviours. Green cards are weekly reports all of our students carry with them in order for us to track their behaviours in class.

The Links maintains an ethos of praise and affirmation of positive behaviour to restore lost confidence, improve motivation and to raise self- esteem. We have in place a system of reward created in conjunction with the students that provide recognition in the form of a verbal feedback, telephone calls and post cards home to celebrate achievements.

Negative behaviour is managed very sensitively. There are sanctions in place at The Links, each incident is discussed and an appropriate course of action is followed that is a considered and measured response. We understand that each student’s needs are very different. Students are not judged by staff at Links Academy. Everyday is a fresh start for all of our students.

We value parental support highly and work in close partnership to enable students to break down their barriers to learning. Parents are welcome to book an appointment at any time to discuss their child’s progress; additionally discussions can take place over the telephone, or via email.