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English – Functional Skills

Exam Board: Edexcel

What will be studied

Speaking and Listening – individual speech and group debate.
Reading skills
Writing skills
Functional skills levels 1 and 2 gives students an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to
communicate effectively in English and to be able to apply these skills to a range of purposes
in everyday life. Students will be taught to read and understand a variety of texts and to
respond to a series of questions on the material they have read. They will also be taught to
write for a variety of purposes and audiences (emails, application letters etc). The application
of English skills to everyday situations is integral and equips the students with long term
literacy life skills.
Students will also learn how to prepare a debate and a speech; how to listen to different
opinions and ask respectful, probing questions. They will acquire the ability to articulate
themselves thoughtfully and considerately.

Learning Methods

There are a variety of approaches which start with teaching key skills that are useful across
both levels. These are skills such as the retrieval of key facts and ideas as well as language
features analysis. Students will work with past papers as well as other selected extracts to
develop analysis and reading skills. They will also practice and hone their skills through the
CGP Functional Skills study booklets we provide. There is an opportunity for independent and
group work. Students will also write for a variety of purposes and use a number of different
stimuli to support them. As far as is possible, students will be taught writing forms that can
be applied to life such as job applications, emails and complaints letters. Regular timed
practice and mock examinations will be used to provide bespoke and targeted feedback
before students are entered for the genuine examination.

Expectations of Students

All students will be expected to work their hardest and complete home learning to facilitate
their understanding further.

How is the course assessed

Level 1:
Speaking and Listening – 30 minutes (2 assessments)
Reading test – 60 minutes
Writing test – 60 minutes
Level 2:
Speaking and Listening – 40 minutes (2 assessments)
Reading test – 75 minutes
Writing test – 60 minutes

What websites are recommended
Select English (Level 1 or 2)

What equipment is needed

All material is provided by the English Department.

Career Paths/Next Steps

English Functional skills is a great additional qualification to GCSE; level 2 has an English
Language GCSE grade 4 equivalency and can be used when making college applications for a
variety of courses